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Welcome to 银河国际电玩登陆娱乐娱乐银河国际电玩登陆注册地址


Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd. is a multi-product, multi-location public company that has been providing engineering solutions to customers across 91 countries for the past 85 years. As a company imbued with this spirit, what we perpetually strive for is excellence. Excellence in all we do, so that our clients may achieve excellence in all that they do.



As you may have noticed, the Isgec logo, that you have been so familiar with, has undergone a slight transformation.

Over the last few years, we have been rather busy - enhancing our portfolio, firming up technological tie-ups, setting up joint ventures, expanding our infrastructure - and it will not be an exaggeration to say that we are bursting at the seams, both literally and figuratively.

To accommodate and represent this change, we had no option but to re-align our logo which now represents this very sentiment.

A sentiment, that captures the excitement and energy that is coursing through Isgec. One that promises a vibrant future focused on using Engineering for Excellence to provide the very best to our Customers.


Isgec has been supplying a diversified range of industrial solutions that cover products, projects, and services to customers that are spread across as many as 91 Countries and this extensive array of offerings cuts across a wide spectrum of critical sectors.

You may click on the sector related to you to view the solutions that are of your relevance.

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